What To Do


Author:             Hilton Fryer

Date:                 2018-11-22 (Version: 1.1)


People need practical information on what to do about the Polyphageous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB) beetle.

  • They want to know how to save their infested trees, and how to prevent infestation in their healthy trees.
  • There is no single solution, and a successful treatment and prevention regime will incorporate multiple strategies and products, repeated over years.
  • Consider all available options apply critical thinking, specialists among us are developing creative solutions – inquire at your nursery about available products.

PSHB is a new invasive pest in South Africa and currently no chemical products are registered for use against PSHB. As a private individual you have the prerogative to evaluate existing chemical products and use them in accordance with their registered instructions.

  • Carefully consider the impact of poisons that are applied directly to your garden. Injection of poison into the tree is the optimal delivery mechanism – it specifically targets your tree, without affecting the surrounding environment.
  • Remember, poisons applied directly to the soil can affect your pets, the soil and other plants and the groundwater.
  • Spraying of poison is useless unless it contains a surfactant that can penetrate bark. Poisons applied in this way should be applied to the trunk only to limit contamination of the surrounding environment.


Download the guide from: PSHB.co.za/what-to-do